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Letter for 3W Parents (27.01.2021)

Please see attached detailing future teaching arrangements.

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Miss Parker's Weekly Worship (27.01.2021)

Please see here for an assembly for children about refilling your cup.    If unsure what it is all about, please log on and have a look and find out.  Thanks to Mr Gough for his editing and technological ability.


Zoom Behaviour and Procedures (27.01.2021)

Please ensure your child is supervised in the Zoom session.  We have had reports of children sending messages to peers that would not be acceptable in the classroom.   As the Zoom is a virtual classroom, school rules will prevail.    Teachers will reserve the right to disable chat functions as needed to alleviate future issues.   

Once again can we ask that children in all year groups attending Zooms do so with cameras on, it is becoming a bit of a novelty to turn the camera off and this is unfair to the group and the staff member leading.   If cameras need to go off, it may be better to exit the Zoom completely.  We understand that at times this might be necessary, but for safety purposes we need to see who is at the other end of the computer screen please.   Thanks for your help with this.

The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch (27.01.2021)

The RSPB Big Garden BirdWatch is coming this weekend.  Click here to find out more.   A big well done to Theo M in 2P for the amazing bird feeder made at home!   (See attached)  Thanks to Mrs Sollom for sharing!

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Scarlett's Super 7 Challenge (27.01.2021)

Scarlett in 2P is carrying out the Super 7 challenge at home to raise money for the National Autistic Society.  She will be:

  • doing a 7 minute run 
  • baking 7 cupcakes
  • creating a poster for Autism awareness within 7 minutes
  • swimming 7 lengths of the pool (if allowed - if not another challenge)
  • doing her 7 Times Tables
  • doing a 7 minute workout 
  • by wearing 7 hair colours for 7 hours in her hair self   

She has already raised £200 on her fundraising page!   Well done Scarlett!

Be Still! (27.01.2021)

Do you need a quiet space?   Have a look at this idea for a lovely activity for children to create a quiet space at home.    Mrs Robb will share more of these in coming weeks.  

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Download this file (be still.pdf)Be Still

E Safety Parent Qs (26.01.21)

See attached which shares some useful E Safety questions that parents should ask themselves as well as suggested responses.

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Download this file (E Safety Parents.pdf)E Safety Parents.pdf

Screen Time Parent Fact Sheet (26.01.21)

Please see attached which was developed for the Summer Lockdown and Summer holidays.  The messages and tips may be just as useful and relevant for parents today.

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Download this file (Screen Time.pdf)Screen Time.pdf

Lottie's super sale! (25.01.2021)


Well done Lottie, helped by her sisters for her super fundraising efforts.  Having learnt about money in Maths last week, Lottoe was desperate to do something positive to help Doctors and Nurses and those who are without money and food.   The girls set up a little stall at home and have raised £157.70 so far and are still going! The money raised will be split between the Food Bank and NHS staff who Lottie wants to buy hand and face creams and face packs for.   We are all very proud of you Lottie for your passion to help others!    Well done to you!  


Artist of the week - optional activity - Doug Hyde (25.01.2021)

Please see attached giving information about this week's Artist of the Week challenge centred around the very child friendly images by Doug Hyde.    Grown ups maybe if you have time you can design your own Doug Hyde to encapsulate feelings, experiences or thoughts alongside your child too.   Please send any contributions to your child's designated teacher working from home and they will share 3 or 4 of the best with me to share online.   School staff will work with children on this challenge in school this week too.

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Snow update (25.01.2021)

Thanks to all who were able to make arrangements today to keep their children at home with them today.  As we have a lot of staff who live outside of Codsall in Wombourne, Wolverhampton and Shropshire travel in to school has been a challenge this morning for some.   Likewise with some local schools and childcare providers not able to open this has meant that some staff have had no choice but to remain at home with dependents.   

As a school we made a risk assessment this morning that we would be open based on our ability to clear the site; the condition of the main roads leading to the school; the staff that we anticipated would be able to make the journey and of course the risk of key workers not being able to get into work at the height of the pandemic.   A big thank you to Miss Brookes for ensuring she was in early for breakfast club to ensure that somebody was here, knowing that colleagues live much further away.

We have managed to move staff to ensure that all year group bubbles have been maintained with the exception of Year 3 and 4 who have needed to join.   These children will spend a lot of time outdoors today and will be sat with a 2 metre gap between them within their bubbles in a ventilated classroom.   

To ensure that staff can leave as soon as their year group bubble closes for the day I would appreciate children being collected on time this evening.   If any parents wish to collect their child early, please do so, by arriving at the school office and we will send for your child.   We will watch and wait to see what the weather does throughout the day and the rest of the evening and make any decision to close fully if required in the morning.  (At the moment I don't think the forecasts suggest that this will be necessary).      

A big thank you to Mr Smith who cleared school yesterday and then again this morning, with the support of Mr Jevons (school Chair of Governors).   What a beautiful morning it was with the snow and the sunrise to take in! 


Snow Wear (24.01.21)

Please send children to school tomorrow, suitably dressed for the snowy weather, with sensible footwear, gloves and hats.    They may wear their own clothes and not uniform as parents see fit.  Staff will dress similarly for the weather as they wish. You may want to send a pair of indoor shoes in to school and spare dry clothes in a named carrier bag, should the snow be present still in the morning.

I will make contact as early as possible in the morning should there be any reason to do so.   In the event of no communication, school will be open to key worker pupils as normal.  

Snow Procedures (24.01.21)

If the forecast is to be believed the snow will mainly be gone tomorrow with the warmer temperatures expected. However please click here to read the previously issued snow procedures in readiness should there be a need for them.     Should the school need to close, children who would normally be in school can pick up learning as per the remote learners currently via the weebly.   Obviously closure due to snow would be a last resort and we will take every measure to be open safely.     

Blue Peter on YouTube (22.01.21)

Blue Peter is the longest running kids TV show in the world and we are uploading videos to it that are suitable for 5-11 year olds. We have world record breaking challenges, arts and crafts, environmental videos, cooking and baking how tos, inspirational films, gaming, celebrity appearances, dance routines and music performances. We also feature ways of getting a Blue Peter badge, behind the scenes footage and extra content about our incredible presenters Adam, Lindsey, Mwaksy, Richie and Henry the Blue Peter dog.


If you think your pupils would be interested in this, please do subscribe to - (it’s obviously completely free to subscribe!) and don’t forget to watch the live programme on CBBC at 5.00pm every Thursday, or on BBC iPlayer.

Spotlight on the Stats this week (22.01.21)

Please see attached giving you an insight into the traffic on the school weebly this week!   Well done all for logging on.

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Art Challenge (22.01.21)

Well done Ranveer from Year 2 for creating this super design in response to my first weekly art challenge.  Ranveer has captured the spirit of the artist and his characters represent all of us!

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Download this file (Doc1.pdf)Art Challenge RC

Girl Guides Recruitment (21.01.2021)

The 4th Codsall Guides unit are recruiting for more girls aged 10-14 to join.  If you know of someone who may be interested, please see the attached poster for more information.

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