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Pupil Absence through illness

As parents will be aware we have been hit by a range of illnesses in school this term.   I have contacted Staffordshire to report any that were confirmed cases and discuss the number of pupils absent and proportions within particular year groups etc this week. 

Please see letter attached below.   We have been assured that as children are ill with a range of illnesses and different symptoms that there is no need at this point in time to enforce a school closure for public safety.  

The school has taken the following measures over the last few weeks:

  • increased cleaning regime both through cleaning contractors and by school staff 
  • children taught and reminded about hand hygiene
  • use of hand gels, although notwithstanding that this alone will not safeguard against certain infections/bugs 
  • segregation of pupils who are unwell as soon as it is known and parents called to collect (even if not actually been sick when feeling sick) or when children are presenting as unwell
  • increased cleaning of dinner tables before and after service using appropriate COSSH assessed products.
  • increased ventilation of classrooms where possible to allow for fresh air into the building
  • cleaning of door handles 
  • sent children home when found to have contravened the 48 hour absence policy 
  • liaised with vulnerable stakeholders 
  • minimising sharing of small equipment which can be difficult to clean and harbour germs
  • cleaning of computer workstations
  • deep cleaning of high absence year group classrooms

We will continue to contact Staffordshire, and where required Public Health England, and advise you should there be a need to close the school.  However at this time I can confirm that this is not deemed necessary.   

Please do consider whether beyond the 48 hour required absence after sickness and diarrhoea, if your child is well enough to return to school.   It may be that they are not and that by returning whilst not at full fitness they are then more likely to catch other infections etc.   

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