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Easter holiday provision

For the children who are in school over the Easter holidays which will be based at Codsall Middle School just a reminder that they should:

  • wear suitable outdoor clothing
  • bring in a bag and full change of clothes (including underwear) as we normally would have access to this at St Nics in case of an accident or getting wet
  • bring a packed lunch and any snacks and bottle of named water
  • bring a scooter or bike if they would like to play on one
  • bring a sun hat in sunny weather and sun cream
  • bring a cleaned out milk carton if they have one (to make something with)

Parents can drive onto the Codsall Middle School car park as the site will be very quiet anyway.   At the far end of the car park you will see a blue gate as pictured below, your child will enter for the session through that gate and be handed back to you at collection time.    We have set up a room to use at Codsall Middle and taken our toys and resources down to make it familiar to the children.

As we only have 3-4 children in over the next two weeks, staffing will be minimal.  Miss Parker will meet parents on Monday morning and be wearing her trusty St Nics coat, so look out for me if you don't know where to go.   Please prepare your child for the fact that we will be somewhere different.   We are aware that this situation in itself is alien to the children who are attending school for childcare without their friends and usual teachers, we want them to be as relaxed and happy as possible.

Booking forms for the two weeks after the Easter holdiays will be published online next week and parents notified.  Please try and complete these and send them back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as promptly as possible so we can increase or reduce staffing as required.    If you do not get bookings in before the deadline, we may have to refuse your child a place so please do ensure you return these.   

The team of staff in school next week will comprise of Miss Parker, Miss Sullivan, Mrs Morecock, Mrs Swan, Mrs Brady, Mrs Sparrow, Miss Gittins.   Any questions parents have can be directed to them on site or as usual to Miss Parker at the email address above.   


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