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TT Rockstar Battle Winners Fri 22nd

This week’s Rockstars winners are….

In Year 1

1W with 8023 points

The winners in each class are

               1W                                                                                 1M

1st Eadie-Bea 2421 points                                           1st Isaac 3208 points

2nd Jamie 1671 points                                                  2nd  Evie D 785 points

3rd Ella 1578 points                                                       3rd Theo W 734 points

In total 23 children from Year 1 played, Well done to all of you.

In Year 2 the winners are...

2S with 2467 points

The winners in each class are

                 2S                                                                                   2R

1st Eadee 996 points                                                     1st Jess D 615 points

2nd Isla 513 points                                                        2nd Kai 522 points

3rd Thomas 432 points                                                 3rd Gracie 250 points.

In total 14 children across Year 2 played, Let’s see if we can increase the number of players in the next battle.

In Year 3 the winners are...

3P with 10324 points

The winners in each class are

             3P                                                                                       3A

1st Evan 3014 points                                                     1st George Q 300 points

2nd Savvas 2897points                                                  2nd Archie 757 points

3rd A’Myah 1659 points                                               3rd Joe 375 points

18 children across Year 3 joined in as part of their battle today.

Finally in Year 4

The winners are…

4G with 14069 points

The winners in each class are…

         4G                                                                                           4SB

1st Rosie 5556                                                                 1st Sam 1865 points

2nd Ruben 2718 points                                                 2nd Ben 1243 points

3rd Euan 2717 points                                                    3rd Arjan 501 points

In total 21 children took part.  It is good to see a third of our Year 4 are continuing to practice their recall of times tables ready for next year.

There will be no battle next week but we will return with one on Friday 5th June 10:00am-5:00pm.

Have a happy half term.

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