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Year 4 Residential Refunds

I am pleased to provide below some pleasing news regarding the Year 4 residential refunds.

Please see the following notice that will apply to parents who have made payments via ParentPay:

As well as receiving an email notification, a payer will get a notification when they log into the ParentPay system for the first time after a refund has been processed to their Parent Account.

This notification will explain to payers the amount, the pupil, and the payment item associated with the refund. The payer will then be able to use the refunded amount to pay for another item or can choose to withdraw the amount back to the account/card the original payment was made from.  

The refund will also remain visible in their transaction history reports as a permanent record.

I would like to thank Mrs Currall for all her work that has gone into supporting these refunds being processed; she spent a long Tuesday evening processing every individual residential payment that had been made throughout the year, so thank you Mrs Currall!

Thank you to all of our Year 4 families for their patience, support and understanding, whilst we have been working with ParentPay to ensure that these refunds have been processed.

Mr Gough

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