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8th June School Induction

Please see the link which has induction information for those returning to school next week.   Please read and watch even if your child has been in school throughout the lockdown.   You will see some videos embedded within which we hope will help you to visualise your child’s room and help prepare them.   Key worker children have been using these rooms this week and have managed well within them.

We hope this is useful to you.

Thanks to Mr Gough for his work today to get this in place for you.


Link to the Information Pack:


If you have any problems viewing or downloading the pack, please head to the front page of our closure site, with the option to download:



Please note: Although this information pack can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices, it is advised you view them on a desktop device. On mobile devices, please click the links below the video images, in order to access them. If you view it on a computer or laptop, press F5 or ‘View Slide Show’ for the best viewing and interaction experience. 


Please note that the videos may take a little while to load, based on how many people are trying to access them. We are noticing that some of our digital services, such as our closure site, are currently experiencing a significant increase in network traffic and demand every day, and therefore please do not worry if some pages on these sites take a little while longer to load.


If you are a Sky Broadband customer and are not able to view the videos in the information pack, please use the following link to access them, as we have made alternative provision for you:!AhUDioLsY24WgQeeFLOaajhWf0Wx?e=PFCe2I


(This link should be used sparingly, as there is a restriction on how many users can access it altogether – we have no control over this restriction)

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