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Black Lives Matter Week

With children at home more, it is inevitable they may see or hear more of the news than they might normally do.   Whilst many of us try to shelter our children from some of the more horrific matters that are aired, some issues in the news might become good talking points for families during the lockdown.  

As a school we are fully supportive of equal opportunities for all.   Indeed this is a strand that runs through all policies and is fundamental to us as a Christian church school where we believe that we are ALL God’s children and we are all valued.

Teachers have shared some very simple resources captured from social media that might be useful for parents to consider and that may promote some good conversations with their children.


Riley from Year 2 has been doing a lot of work at home to make sense of the recent George Floyd case and has been part of a virtual viral movement with children of all races from across the world. Click here to watch a little video clip.    This group of children have been learning together about Black History and celebrating the fact that every race is beautiful and special.   Well done to Riley and thank you for sharing your work with us!

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