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PTFA Half Term Activities - please read

I am writing just to clear up some potential miscommunication from school around the PTFA Half Term activities.   The pumpkin trail will be a child friendly walk around the village and not at all scary for children.  

The pumpkin carving activity will be one where you as a family are invited to get really creative and design and carve your own pumpkin designs. The PTFA met a few weeks ago now in September and wanted to give families things to do together over the half term to have a bit of fun.   We discussed the fact that Halloween is not celebrated in a Church of England School and that the pumpkin theme would work as a symbol of Autumn.  

Therefore we do not want spooky or scary designs for this competition. We want designs that are suitable for young children and that have positive connotations only please.

For anyone interested reasons why Christians have concerns around Halloween taken from the full document here:

Halloween celebrates evil – at best it sends mixed messages about the ‘scary’ side of life; at worst it glorifies evil things which we should guard children against.

Halloween is unhelpful – we should safeguard children, not tell them to go out in the dark and knock on strange doors.

Halloween trivialises bad things – killing, wounding and hurting people are serious matters, yet dressing up as dead, deformed or wounded people makes them seem something to laugh about.

Halloween is offensive – able-bodied people dressing up to look disfigured or ugly for a laugh is offensive to people who have suffered serious disfigurements.

Halloween is getting worse – it is getting ‘darker’ and ‘nastier’ year on year Halloween allows evil a victory – some earlier traditions included a triumph of good over evil at Halloween, but this element is now missing.

I think we would all agree that we want to safeguard children from harm and fear and only celebrate positivity and light as we move into the darker months and for some families more challenging times as Winter approaches.   Reminder that tickets for both events will go on sale Thursday and Friday evening before and after school.  Please see attached for inspiration.

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