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Christmas Cards (21.11.20)

I have been asked by a number of parents now about Christmas Cards this year.   Having explored alternative options, nothing replaces the wonderful real life writing opportunity that is sitting and doing cards at home with grown ups.  

As such cards WILL be allowed to be sent in school but within the following safety parameters please:

  • Children can write cards to staff and children within their year group bubble only please and these should be brought into school and handed into the class box during week beginning 7th December please.   We will not be able to accept cards into school after 11th December.
  • We ask that children/adults do not lick the seal of the envelope and just fold it inside instead please.
  • Envelopes should be clearly labelled with child’s name and class.

We will then quarantine cards and distribute them to children on 17th and 18th December.  Children will be asked to open these at home, which again gives parents the opportunity to decide whether to impose a further quarantine etc if they so wish.

I have also been asked about gifts and cards for staff. Parents may do as they wish in this regard, by sending anything in with their own child. Staff can exercise their own quarantining measures.  

However please do understand that this is absolutely not requested, expected or required.   We know that we are asking parents to consider donating to different causes at the moment and we understand that families are being adversely affected in all sorts of ways by the pandemic.   The teaching profession and school staff are incredibly fortunate to have remained in paid work throughout.   You have worked with us through this tricky time and this partnership has been gift enough.

Sorry to send this message out at a weekend, but I thought it might fill a Sunday afternoon for those that want to make start on writing cards at home.

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