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Zooms (15.01.2021)

To provide stability and continuity next week, we will maintain 2 Zooms a day in the current format.   In response to parent feedback, which I will collate and summarise to share with you next week, we will look to refine how we run these for week beginning 25th January 2021.    HOWEVER, in the short term if any families feel that 2 Zooms a day are impacting their ability to have some family time outdoors (a walk, a bike ride, a play in the garden) then please do not feel you have to attend all.   We appreciate that the evenings become dark quickly and that you are working around your own schedules if at work too.    It is great to see lots of children joining in, but do not do so if you feel at the moment your child would be better served being outdoors and attending a Zoom is making this not possible.    I hope that makes you feel freer to make your own choices about how you organise your day and what you access.

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