Extended Schools

We offer childcare before and after school for any children who attend St Nicholas First School.

Monday to Friday         7.30am to 8.45am

                                 3.30pm to 6.00pm

We also offer afternoon Nursery care  12.30 - 3.30pm Monday to Friday        


Early Nics                      7.30—8.45am     £4.00 includes cereal or toast and a drink

Nursery afternoon care   12.30—3.30pm  £12.00 (if not entitled to 30 hour childcare)

After school club            3.30—4.30pm   £4.00

                                    3.30—5.30 pm  £8.00

                                    3.30—6.00pm   £9.00

Children who access 30 hour free government provision must also pay £4.00 per day (after their free hours entitlement is reached) to cover childcare between the 15 hour morning session and the 15 hour afternoon session.  These pupils may bring a packed lunch or pay £2.30 for a school dinner.



All parents / carers who wish to use the childcare facilities should first complete a registration form  in full with all details required.  Payment must be made via the child’s Parent Pay account online in advance in order to secure a place.

Signing in / out

Before and after school parents should enter through the rear hall doors or Nursery entrance as advised. All children must be signed in on arrival (Early Nics) and out again at the end of the session at the after school club. Any changes  to expected arrangements for attendance or collection must be communicated to the school office by 4pm on 01902 842998.

Wrap around children are signed in at the start of the morning session.

Late Collection

If you are late collecting your child after 6.00pm there will be a late payment charge of £5 per 15 minutes late.

If more than 5 mins late into the next time bracket e.g the parent has paid for care from 3.30-4.30pm  and arrives at 4.40pm to collect then they are eligible  for the next price bracket fee e.g £8.00 and would be charged the extra  £4.00 as a penalty.


All staff involved with childcare provision are appropriately trained and qualified:


Headteacher in charge: Miss J Parker

Tom Mills                   NVQ 3 + Sports Coach Asst      Early Nics & After-school club

Jackie Round              NVQ 3 or equivalent                Early Nics

Debbie Wilson            Catering assistant                    Early Nics

Kate Sullivan              NVQ 3 or equivalent                 After-school club

Sarah Madeley           NVQ 3 or equivalent                  Afternoon Nursery

Lisa Dhami                NVQ 3 or equivalent                  Afternoon Nursery

Georgia Brookes        NVQ 2 or equivalent                  Early Nics & After-school club

Emily Hughes            NVQ 3 or equivalent                  Afternoon Nursery

Jodie Griffiths            NVQ 3 or equivalent                  Afternoon Nursery

Kim Holt                   NVQ 3 or equivalent                   After-School club


Lou Morecock        NVQ 3 or equivalent              Early Nics/pm Nursery/After Sch Club


Donna Sparrow     NVQ 3 or equivalent               Afternoon Nursery



In the after school club all children take part in a range of well planned and varied activities, including the use of our outdoor areas if the weather permits.

At Little Nics children are provided with a nutritious meal which they sit and eat together with the staff, followed by a short informal play session. The children participate in an appropriate range of EYFS activities and are integrated into  the afternoon Nursery session.


The school reserves the right to remove this facility from any child who does not follow the rules and expectations of the facility. Parents will be notified of concerns as they arise through a 3 stage system.

        1. Raising a concern / issue

        2. Persistent concerns / issues

        3. No longer allowed to attend the facility.


Childcare provision follows all relevant school policies for:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid and Medical
  • Behaviour and Discipline
  • Anti Bullying
  • Equal Opportunities and Anti Racism
  • SEN and Inclusion
  • Physical Intervention
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • Complaints

For more information about any of the above, please contact Mrs Richards in the school office who will be happy to advise you.

To find out about tax free childcare and how this can help you, please click here.


Codsall Childminders

Codsall Childminders, part of the National Childminding Association Group, provide before and after school care based in the home.

For more information, please visit www.codsall-childminders.co.uk, where you can find more details and contact numbers.

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