We are a School Games Platinum Award School in recognition of our long term commitment to school sports! 

The St Nicholas Sporting Offer...

is for all children in our school to experience a first class excellent physical education (PE), school sport and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation by:

giving every child a sporting start in life, through high quality PE and sport in primary schools

ensuring all young people have a sporting chance by developing opportunities for those with special educational needs and disabilities

supporting all young people to achieve their sporting best in school and their personal best in life.

In 2019, 72% of Year 4 Leavers could swim 25m and understood how to be safe in water.   

This vision will aim to:

• improve health and physical and mental well being
• provide high quality opportunities and outcomes
• assist each individual to reach and fulfil their potential
• encourage community involvement and responsibility
• promote lifelong learning, active participation and competition
• raise achievement and support excellence
• inspire each individual to find enjoyment in physical activity
• build relationships within a sporting community

• strengthen the Christian Values of Justice (fair play), Trust (inclusion) and Perseverance (stamina and having a go)

Please see the plan below which outlines where and how we allocate Sports Premium resources to support the achievement of these aims.


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