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 If you haven't already, please click on the following link to find out about the St Nicholas Learning Challenge: St Nicholas Learning Challenge

This section is regularly updated with information and resources to support your child with their thinking and learning at home.


Learning Power Levels

Encourage your child to use this image to help them in reflecting on their learning behaviour power levels

 Learning Power Levels

 Resilience to Help Me Grow

At times, many lack the motivation to see a challenge through with lots of self-doubt. Therefore, encourage your child to think of alternative ways of seeing and approaching a challenge or tricky situation with a more positive mindset. 

Resilience to Help Me Grow


Learning Lights

Learning Lights are a great strategy for your child to communicate what they do and do not already know. It could involve showing calculations, images or words, where your child would place these onto the following colours, based on their prior knowledge, understanding and skills:


Learning Lights



Prior Learning Reflection

When faced with new learning or a challenge, encourage your child to think about their learning journey up to this point. For example, if they need to sort shapes based on their properties, they would need to think about their knowledge and skills in measure, angles, vertices and edges. 

  Prior Learning Reflection



Reflection Points

Throughout the learning process, ask your child the following questions to ensure that they reflect on what they are proud and what they would like to improve further. 

 N Y2 Reflection Points


 Y3 Y3 Reflection Points


Check out our latest information pack released in January 2020 (Information Pack 1 below in the links): How are we equipping your child to take ownership of their learning?

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