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Return to school and worries (03.03.2021)

See here for a prayer space activity that parents can incorporate in to the home environment, much as we would in school to help chidlren share any worries or fears they have.  With the return to school this might be a useful exercise for you.   My worship this week will be centred around the return to school and acknowledging how children might be feeling.   

Some info shared from the NSPCC that might be useful for parents to read about returning to school can be found here.

Also a really nice blog about "How to make the return to school less stressful" from The Calm Within.  The book mentioned within the blog "The Invisible String" is lovely and we use this and other linked materials with children in school currently.   

Finally the attached pdf is a great story to share with your child to explore some of the feelings your child might have and how he/she can manage them.   Sometimes we talk about "name to tame" and naming the feelings that we have, almost makes them less scary.   Please have a look if you think it might be beneficial to your child.   

Thanks to Mrs Robb and Mrs Swan for sharing all of these resources.

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