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Grapes (05.03.21)

We are concerned that a number of EYFS children are bringing whole grapes to school in lunchboxes and that this poses a choking hazard.   Equally some of the blueberries that children bring in are really large and pose a similar risk.   We do not have capacity to cut up every child’s fruit at lunchtime and because of Covid-19 this would be discouraged at the moment anyway.

If parents want their children to eat grapes at school can we ask that parents read the following advice please:

We all know you’re supposed to slice grapes before giving them to young children as finger food – they’re actually a serious choking hazard.

But are you cutting them the right way?

Grapes should always be cut lengthwise so they can pass more easily through smaller throats. And never widthwise, because they’ll still be big enough to choke on.

You can either slice them downwards in half, or for younger children, you might want to cut them lengthwise again into quarters. 

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