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Raring 2 Go Magazine (17.03.2021)

If you are looking for lots of ideas of fun, active, crafty and educational things to do as a family this spring please take a look at the latest issue of Raring2go! Wolverhampton & South Staffordshire magazine by clicking this link:

PTFA Easter Fun! (16.03.2021)

Reminder of Red Nose Day (16.03.2021)

Reminder that Friday is Red Nose Day and children can come to school in their own clothes and any Red Nose Day merchandise that they wish.  We would ask that children do not wear actual Red Noses though please for obvious Covid transmission reasons.  Please try and teach your child an appropriate joke to share with the class or pop it on a piece of paper in their pocket, if like Miss Parker they forget the punchline to jokes all the time!  Donations for Red Nose Day can be made on ParentPay.

Messages from our neighbours 16.03.2021)

Now that school is open to all pupils again, neighbours to the school are understandably noticing an increase in traffic and congestion in the mornings and again at home time.    Can we ask that parents are mindful of where they park, not blocking driveways or impinging on the safety and visibility of pupils, parents and residents who may be on foot.  The corners of Vaughan Gardens off Walton Road where there are dipped paving slabs for wheelchair access etc have been observed as a hotspot, for parking issues recently also.   

On a more positive note I have received a lovely email today from a resident who was writing to say how pleased he was to hear that the children had been able to return to school and to wish us all the very best for the term.  I wanted to pass on an excerpt from the email to show what an impact you and your children have on the community.   The children's voices and excitement, combined with their good manners and behaviour is noted by residents and gives a sense of hope so thank you for ensuring that they represent the school so positively out in the community! 

"Your pupils are a credit to you as I see and hear them pass my house some of the days, it’s lovely to hear them as we get back to some normality.

They are always well mannered, polite and smartly turned out, a credit to everyone associated with your school."

Nursery Arrivals (10.03.2021)

Mrs Stevens and the team have been swift in getting children in to school on Tuesday and today and I have to say the children themselves have been amazing.   I have spent two short sessions up in Nursery and have been delighted to see how independent, confident and happy they are after such a long time away for some.   

As such we will continue with the one arrival time, maximise the use of staff to keep the line flowing and get children in as quickly as possible.  I appreciate that it is a long line, but I do think in part, having all come back together, the school grounds themselves feel busy and highly populated, with us not having seen all of the children and families for such a long time now.   

It has been lovely to see many of you this week.    I am aware as I am mainly based on the main playground in a morning, I don't get to welcome or see our Nursery children and their parents/carers.  Thank you for the stability and support you have given our very little learners during the lockdown it has clearly served them well and contributed to them picking up quickly where they left off.

Well done Carys! (09.03.2021)

Well done to Carys in Year 2!   Carys you have been working so hard at home baking raising money for a Bowel Cancer Charity and have raised over £95 in a week!    This is amazing!    We are all very proud of you!    



Local Authority Covid Update (08.03.2021)

As many children return to the classroom for the first time in months and Covid cases reach a Staffordshire five-month low, the council is keen to underline the need to keep on track and stick to the rules.

The first step of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown took place today and cases are continuing to fall across the county. The latest figures show around 75 new cases every week per 100,000 population, which is the lowest for the county since early October of last year.

However, this is still above the England average of around 62 new cases per 100,000 population.

County health officials are keen to remind residents Coronavirus remains a serious threat and the importance of hands, face, space and getting tested regularly increases as more freedoms return.

Dr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing, said:

“It is great Staffordshire children are returning to school, case numbers are falling, and vaccine take up is good; but it is vital we don’t lose focus and we stay on track.

“We can’t be tempted to think as more freedoms are made available that the risk to our health and livelihoods is not significant. This is not the case – the risk remains very high.

“Staffordshire is still in national lockdown and people should stay at home unless they have a permitted reason.

“We must keep sticking to the rules and getting tested regularly or the roadmap to normality could be very short-lived.”

Residents are now able to walk in to one of our community testing sites to get a rapid Covid-19 test.  Walk ins are subject to availability at each individual site - to secure a slot, booking on our community testing sites page is still recommended.

There will also be pop-up community testing sites at various locations supporting the above.

People with symptoms or those who have been asked to self-isolate as a close contact of a Covid case should not attend.

For further information on the latest national lockdown rules in place visit:

Apps and Online Activity For Children And Young People (08.03.2021)

Please see attached giving parents info that might be useful about apps etc that your child might access.  

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (App, Game and Online Resources.pdf)App, Game and Online Resources.pdf

International Women's Day 2021 (08.03.2021)


Today is International Women's Day.  To find out more about this day, please click here.

Grapes (05.03.21)

We are concerned that a number of EYFS children are bringing whole grapes to school in lunchboxes and that this poses a choking hazard.   Equally some of the blueberries that children bring in are really large and pose a similar risk.   We do not have capacity to cut up every child’s fruit at lunchtime and because of Covid-19 this would be discouraged at the moment anyway.

If parents want their children to eat grapes at school can we ask that parents read the following advice please:

We all know you’re supposed to slice grapes before giving them to young children as finger food – they’re actually a serious choking hazard.

But are you cutting them the right way?

Grapes should always be cut lengthwise so they can pass more easily through smaller throats. And never widthwise, because they’ll still be big enough to choke on.

You can either slice them downwards in half, or for younger children, you might want to cut them lengthwise again into quarters. 

Thank you to parents (05.03.2021)

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.   From Monday you can stop doing the job you never expected to have, didn't ask to do and have probably had quite enough of by now.   As parents we sign up to support our children's education but the last few months have been so much more than that.   

We all know it hasn’t been the same as if the children were all at school but your hard work has helped narrow the gap.

The next steps will continue to be hard work for us all and life at school will remain a long way from normality.

However this weekend, celebrate your end of term!  

Reception PE Arrangements (05.03.2021)

Please see attached.   Due to recent restrictions Forest School will not recommence until the start of the Summer Term.  We will notify Reception parents of the first session closer to the time.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (PE Lessons.pdf)PE Lessons.pdf

Updated School RA online (05.03.2021)

Please see here for latest review of risk assessment in advance of March 8th.

Newsletter online (05.03.2021)

This week's newsletter is online now.   Please read as there is information contained within with reminders and arrangements for the return to school on Monday 8th June.

5 Places Left for Easter Camp (05.03.2021)

Mr Mills has 5 places remaining on his Easter Sports Camp.  These will be taken up quickly, so please do book on as soon as you can if you want your child to attend.  Information about how to do so etc can be found again here.

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